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Here at FileHippofy, you can easily download the latest version of VLC Media Player 2018 Filehippo for your PC, ANDROID, and MAC, We have taken this VLC Media Player from FileHippo, Enjoy!

VLC Media Player 2018 Filehippo Download Free – VLC Media Player is the most popular and powerful multi format, free media player available on the web. The open source media player was publically published in 2001 by non-profit firm VideoLAN Project. VLC Media Player immediately became very popular because of its flexible multi-format playback capacities. It was helped by compatibility and codec problems which left competitor media players such as QuickTime, Windows and Real Media Player unworthy to a lot of popular video and audio file formats. The simple, fundamental UI and the enormous collection of customization choices have enforced VLC Media Player’s position near the peak of these free media players.

To begin with, we will go over about the sound option of the game. Which if I could cite the options are sound track, sound device, and stereo set. The underlying beneath choice which is the sound track elective gives all the bolstered sound tracks choices being introduced by the video other than the different sound track there is additionally a debilitate alternative which is separated from the quiet catch. The second underneath elective is the choice of the sound gadget which in simple words is to choose the yield speakers which the individual may find much better for ones make utilization of. The last sub decision is the stereo alternative which permits you to pick which side of the speakers the individual will be making utilization of.

VLC Media Player 2018 Filehippo Download Free

Considering changing over video cut documents to an extra format at that point experiment with second nourishment determination choice that is taken care of the client is video choice. The many of the sub menu decisions accessible are the full-screen option, element proportion, zoom option. Aside from the expressed decision the most valuable decisions accessible are to take pictures and to make the present show as the desktop wallpaper, which yes is a great degree supportive alternative for the general population that does wish to copy points of interest scene that she or he enjoys. We are likewise permitted to settle on a choice the video track if offered with reports, for instance, a 3d and not 3d variety of the exceptionally same video may be available.

VLC Media Player 2018 Filehippo Free– The most crucial used option is the gadget sustenance choice accessible having the underneath menu decisions like the channels and impacts, track synchronization, media points of interest and so forth for people that don’t recognize what does media data sub elective incorporates is the data in regards to the video cut record that you are as of now playing which is in like manner alluded to as the meta data of an information.

To summarize it up I want to advise that VLC player is the absolute best open source lightweight media gamer that is promptly accessible on the web.

The newest version of the VLC includes support for:

  • VLC Plays everything – Discs, Webcams, Files, Devices, and Streams.
  • VLC Plays most codecs without codec packs required – MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3…etc
  • VLC Runs on all platforms – Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, Android …
  • VLC Completely Free – no ads, no spyware, and no user tracking.
VLC Media Player 2018 Filehippo; New & Advanced formats
  1. Media Input : UDP/RTP Unicast, UDP/RTP Multicast, HTTP / FTP, MMS, TCP/RTP Unicast, DCCP/RTP Unicast, File, DVD Video, Video CD / VCD, SVCD, Audio CD (no DTS-CD), DVB (Satellite, Digital TV, Cable TV), MPEG encoder, Video acquisition.
  2. Formats Input : MPEG (ES,PS,TS,PVA,MP3), AVI, ASF / WMV / WMA, MP4 / MOV / 3GP, OGG / OGM / Annodex, Matroska (MKV), Real, WAV (including DTS), Raw Audio: DTS, AAC, AC3/A52, Raw DV, FLAC, FLV (Flash), MXF, Nut, Standard MIDI / SMF, Creative™ Voice.
  3. Miscellaneous : SAP/SDP announces, Bonjour protocol, Mozilla/Firefox plugin, ActiveX plugin, SVCD Menus, Localization, CD-Text, CDDB CD info, IGMPv3, IPv6, MLDv2, CPU acceleration.

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Download VLC media player 2.2.4 for Windows 64-bit [zip]

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